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Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence
and Innovation


Established in 2014, LRS Services has been a pillar of IT innovation, propelling businesses into the future. Our foundation was built on providing essential hardware solutions, and we’ve since expanded to become a full-service provider of cutting-edge IT services.

As a trusted name in India and across the globe, we empower organizations with advanced data centers, robust networks, comprehensive security, and cloud expertise. LRS is where businesses turn to ensure they’re ready for tomorrow’s digital challenges


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Our Vision

Envisioning a digitally-empowered future, LRS Services is the catalyst for business innovation. We're committed to integrating transformative technology for unparalleled growth.

Our goal is to redefine IT excellence. Through visionary leadership, we're not just leading change—we're the embodiment of it.

Our Mission

LRS Services is dedicated to leading the charge in developing and managing exemplary IT infrastructure. Our mission is to enable clients to zero in on their primary business activities by offering innovative, custom-fit solutions.”

Uniting with our team of product specialists, solution architects, and committed field engineers, we are devoted to going beyond the expected, ensuring superior service and steadfast support.

Our Values

Excellence:We set the bar high, ensuring our solutions and services are unparalleled.

Innovation: We’re committed to continuous innovation, adapting to meet changing needs.

Customer Focus:We exceed customer expectations with every solution.
Integrity: : Upholding honesty and ethics, we act truthfully, transparently, and responsibly, fostering trust and respect in all relationships.

Meet Our Team

Dhiraj Beri

Head of Quality Operations

Rajesh Kalyan

Director Govt Business

Chinmay Prakash Pani

Head Logistics